Our brighter borough abounds with issues like no other …

Let’s close a sports’ centre now and have a new one ready by 2019.

Let’s apply for a 28 storey residential riverside development to be built on a site, the size of a pocket handkerchief and a mere rotor-blade distance away from the Heliport.

Let’s support an apparently noise-free Formula E race in Battersea Park which is already lining up on the starting grid. Whilst the engines may well be silent surely we will hear the screeching of tyres and the shrieking of drivers as they skid off into the Pagoda and land upside down in/on the Thames.

Let’s propose a re-routed town centre traffic system which will serve as a fine example of urban transport planning mis-management for decades to come.

Let’s support the local MP and Junior Health Minister – who has the dubious honour of doing two jobs very badly (and who may even be de-selected.)

Let’s proudly have the lowest London Council Tax and equally proudly let’s reduce the quality and quantity of services and amenities.

Decisions, decisions …. Let at least our voice be heard throughout any consultation period and let us pray that we shall not be greeted with a series of ‘faits accomplis’. As is so often the case.



  1. All I can say is “touché” and hope you get a Nobel Prize for telling it the way it is – regardless of which obituary headline the goverment wants to choose:

    1: We told you so
    2. It’s the way we tell’em”

    Keep up the good work – I like what you are doing.


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