We let the people hope.

The writer is more than a little pleased that his abode is registered, thankfully, in SW18 and not the neighbouring areas of SW11 and SW15.

Thus is he able to maintain some form of normal existence … normal by today’s standards, that is … strolling daily through the pair of local parks and shopping for essential daily provisions without leaving the sanctuary of SW18.

He is nevertheless praying that his luncheon reservation in that noble nearby hostelry, The Queen Adelaide, in the middle of April will be able to be honoured in total safety. And by which time his wayward locks and eyebrows will have been professionally sheared.

Hence hope springs eternal as Spring itself is welcomed to this leafy, riverside haven.

Fare well, dear readers.


5 thoughts on “THE WANDSWORTH VOICE”

  1. I fervently wish you continued health amid the attractions of SW18 — indeed I hope to be able tonjoin you at the Queen Adelaide as soon as it reopens.

    But can you really be sure that the virus, or an unwitting carrier, will respect the postcode area boundaries you mention?

    Let us rather join in wishing all Londoners safe passage through the months ahead, until the risk fades back to the ‘normal’ existence we once enjoyed.


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