These first few days in our new year THE WANDSWORTH VOICE has had difficulty being heard …. essentially because of jolly loud motor bikes and their re-tuned engines. Forget the silent, and indeed deadly, Lycra bicycle brigade – our new scourge is the motor bike.

Clearly neither perturbed by/with apparently ‘unnecessary’ speed or sound limits that apply only to others
nor concerned by potential prosecution via the dwindling numbers of our men in blue, these uneasy riders rampage brazenly along our streets and roads.

One can only imagine that it is not merely a Wandsworthian phenomenon. But it is jolly unpleasant and anti-social.

Something for our new London mayor – of whichever political hue – to stop. And quickly. We can only hope.

Sadly, or not, as the writer has aged – his hearing has not lost any acuity. Nor his tongue any acidity.

Who knows therefore – perhaps in his lifetime – things will change.

If not … It’s earplugs all round.



  1. Hi there i agree with what you’re saying and support your comments and hope that it does not but probably will fall on deaf ears although unknowingly with your spine chilling truth, you might cause a few “heart murmers” in the political higherarchy which in the nicest sence of the word wouldn’t go amiss. lol


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