For one whole hour THE WANDSWORTH VOICE has become THE VENICE VOICE … or indeed LA VOCE DI VENEZIA.

And many comparisons there are … lots of water and lots of bridges … lots of places selling pizza … even the waiters have their visual counterparts in Brady’s …

However … (Don’t Look Now) … unlike Wandsworth, their bridges, albeit only a few centuries older, are in much better nick … and I haven’t seen any decomposing dolphins either.

Finally, for all my literary readers, we doubt whether Thomas Mann would have the same international success with ‘Death in Wandsworth’ and nor would the Bard of Avon have received such lasting renown with ‘Othello: The Moor of Wandsworth’.



We still let the people talk … 

The Wandsworth Voice is leaving its beloved Thames for a few days to explore the delights of the northern Adriatic coast and of Slovenia in particular. 

Its coast-line rivalling that of Monaco in terms of length will nevertheless be enjoyed but even more so will be the valley of the river Soča, whose emerald blue qualities contrast favourably with the grey, muddied banks of our own noble river. 

Photographs and eulogies will follow as the feast of St Martin is celebrated with local fine fare and vintages from the Vinoteka of Vipava. 

The coastal exploration will start in but a few hours’ time with a train journey from Venice to Trieste … truly following in the footsteps of Hercule Poirot and his recent impersonators, but, optimistic as ever, hoping to avoid murderous events. 
As they say in Belgium … à bientôt or tot zienes …  or in Slovenia … se vidimo kmalu.