Brightest and best? …. It ain’t necessarily so round here …

Now that electioneering and political posturing/promising are over for a few short months let’s return to the realities of daily living ….

Surely our Brighter Borough deserves Brighter Bikes and Brighter Bicyclists … indeed the two go together …

Brighter Bikes in terms of their being properly lit once dusk has fallen upon southwest London.

Brighter Bicyclists who realise that it’s not very bright to ride their bike without lights after dark, especially when they are riding the wrong way along a one-way street; that a Bicycle made for one is not a Bicycle made for two; that there really is nothing wrong with having a bell or horn on their bike, even though it may add a few ounces to its weight; and possibly, worst of all – riding their bike on pavements, seemingly oblivious to and certainly sneering of the distress and danger to the very young and the not so very young.

So this will become a major campaigning project for THE WANDSWORTH VOICE.

You know it makes sense.