It’s only been a year since the ‘last post’ from the publisher of The Wandsworth Voice.

A lot has happened and a lot has not happened … for the reasons that everyone will only too aware of. But due to popular demand the Voice is speaking again.

Very few Ales have been taken on the Riverbank, very few joyful Tales are there to tell … rather a lot of Wails indeed.

But a ray of hope there is … as a vaccination is now scheduled for Friday next. So Hails there will be as Veils will be ever nearer to being cast off and the Yales will no longer need to be double-locked on our self-imposed Jails.

Mails will start to arrive again in a timely manner in SW18, friends in Wales may be visited, Sails will be hoisted in celebration, Gales of laughter will be heard, journeys on Rails will be planned and taken.

So this a start … it may not be quite yet the beginning of the end … but it may be the end of the beginning.

Happy Trails.


6 thoughts on “THE WANDSWORTH VOICE”

  1. John We are delighted that your voice will soar forth once again over the travails of the world to reassure your friends of your enduring vitality. JKJ

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  2. Good to see the Wandsworth Voice is back in circulation but don’t get too hopeful. The best bit of advice that I had on Thursday (when I had my first jab) was to forget that you have had number 1 and to continue with the thought that you haven’t had it – you have another 12 weeks before the second one comes into being. How’s the jigsaw??? Love, Julia

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