Council owned commercial property

Owned by Wandsworth.  The Brighter Borough - we beg to differ ....
Owned by Wandsworth. The Brighter Borough – we beg to differ ….

Dogs on the Riverbank

We understand that by-laws exist that indicate that people should keep their dogs on a leash/lead all along the riverbank between Wandsworth Bridge and Battersea Bridge.

For all intelligent reasons.

However some dog owners seem either to ignore or be unaware of or simply don’t care about such by-laws.

Some lamp-posts and street-furniture things bear clear signs to this end, many don’t and sadly some bear defaced signs.

So please can those people responsible in our noble council for either or both the communication and implementation of these excellent laws please ensure that they are adhered to.

Making sure that there are sufficient signs would be a good start.

If there’s a ‘human resource issue’ that may prevent the speedy placing of such signs – the writer of this site would be pleased to place them – at no cost whatsoever to the obviously cuts-conscious folks in the Town Hall.

That’s pretty straightforward isn’t it ….

We await your instructions …

John Fowler
Co-Chief Blogger
The Wandsworth Voice


imageSo farewell then ….. to the Wandsworth Museum …

And they can’t even tell us where it’s going … And it closed down just in time for the School Holidays – without a home to go to …. I would offer No 77 – if wasn’t like a museum already ….