The Creative Arts are flourishing in our Borough …

And not only only in Battersea Arts Centre.

This evening I was privileged to attend the ´vernissage’ of an exhibition of prints created by students of the Lavender Print School.

A fine atelier housed in the Battersea Business Centre, just down Lavender Hill from the BAC itself.

The name ‘Business Centre’ belies its artistic dynamic, with the majority of the units housing disciples of Saint Catherine.

Clearly following in the south-west London traditions of William Morris himself, we saw an eclectic exposition of many forms of woodcuts, engravings and etchings – and the subsequent prints.

Thank you to my dear friend and former colleague, Lee Johnson, for the invitation and similar thanks to Izzy, the principal of this fine establishment.

Should any of our hundreds of followers wish to learn more – their site is: