Formula E – Grand Prix – Battersea P

Last week there was a public meeting led by Wandsworth Borough people and the organiser of the global Formula E car races.

All was charm, light and joy.  Much reference to ‘minimal disruption’, ‘Park only shut for 4 days’, ‘lots of opportunity for further consultation’.  So no sense of a fait accompli.  

That is until you look at the Formula E site – which makes no suggestion whatsoever that the event may not actually take place in our dear Battersea Park.  Its date is clearly shown as being confirmed.

So …. what next …. how about taking a look at this ITV4 site – and its TV ad for its Formula E coverage?

Just look at the size, scale and format of the protective barriers – these are significant constructions – and their placement and subsequent removal would appear to this untrained eye to be a substantial operation.

Which inevitably will have a negative impact on the flora, the fauna and the folk, old and young, who enjoy the charming open space that is our Park.

There is nothing against the Park hosting events – indeed it has a proud tradition of so doing – but surely this motor race might be said to be ‘the right thing in the wrong place’.



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