We let the people think …. and drink … even at the same time.

Good evening.

Goaded by dear friend and erstwhile colleague, Mr RG Palin, I am about to upload a missive from your riparian colleague, Mr J Fowler … who just happens to be the chief correspondent of THE WANDSWORTH VOICE.

Today we ventured into the revitalised Ram Quarter and entered the Tap Room of Messrs Sambrook. And what a fine occasion it turned out to be. Beers aplenty flowed. The service was impeccable … as was the plethora of ales available.

Whilst there are those who may object to the nomenclature ‘Beer by the River’ … it is the role of your writer to remind folk of the presence of the relatively recently unculverted nature of the Wandle River.

Before we ventured into the Ram Quarter we experienced both pleasant beverages and pleasant fodder in The Crane and then The King’s Arms. However, their quality was matched to perfection by the Sambrook service.

So a fine time was had and time was spent there.

In order to compare and contrast the various offerings your writer felt compelled to venture into The Cat’s Back. Where he found old friends and acquaintances and a good time was had by all.

Thus enlivened and revitalised your correspondent will start to post with both more frequency and more regularity about the joys and pitfalls of life in this neck of the woods.

He will be venturing into Le Gothique again soon … he will be yomping towards the London Wetland Centre in Barnes and he will be supporting the plethora of coffee bars that have appeared in the Lower Richmond Road to support the local furloughed thousands of office workers.

Need one ask for more,


2 thoughts on “THE WANDSWORTH VOICE”

  1. A fascinating tale of not two but three rivers, the third being the river of beer that flows from the Ram site in Wandsworth to delight sensible drinkers throughout London, a tradition unbrokenly sustained by Mr John Hatch since the departure of Youngs, and now reinforced by the arrival amid a very popular festival of the ambitious and deservedly successful Mr Duncan Sambrook and his team from Battersea.


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