WE LET THE PEOPLE TALK …. and when they do it’s terrific that their voices are heard.

THE WANDSWORTH VOICE has always made it very clear that it was against the Formula E motor race being held in that most noble of open spaces, Battersea Park.

And this very day there is good-ish or good news, depending on ones expectations … 

The event will NOT be taking place next year in Battersea Park and maybe not at all in London, if Señor Agag and crew don’t achieve their stated ambition of now running the event up and down the Mall, around the Buckingham Palace Garden, in front of Westminster Abbey and starting and finishing by a specially re-painted Cenotaph.

And whilst Señor Agag is not particularly gracious in ‘defeat’, he does acknowledge that not being able to ‘see the cars for the trees’ is not the perfect recipe for success and audience participation in a spectator sport.

The event will still take place this July in Battersea Park – so the ‘victory’ of The Battersea Park Action Group is not total … but nor is it hollow. And your writer is pleased to have been a late-joining member of the group, whose staunch efforts have all been rewarded – ranging from case-making and letter writing to ejecting unwelcome/uninvited local politicians from a group meeting – all in all, they clearly did a jolly good job.

For those of you who are really interested – here’s a formal up-date from one of the few media sources who have shown a modicum of interest in this sorry, mal-placed event.
A final thought …. we wonder what Murray Walker would have had to say about all this … perhaps he has said something – if so we’ve missed it.   

But commentating on another event a few years ago he notably said …. “He’s obviously gone in for a pit stop. I say obviously, because I cannot see anything.”  

He’s clearly the chap for the Battersea procession. 


One thought on “THE WANDSWORTH VOICE ”

  1. What a pity that Cllr. Cook didn’t see sense two years ago, and refuse to have anything to do with siting an unsuitable event in a Victorian Park, an event which kept out of the Park for 3-4 weeks all those disadvantaged children, the elderly and the sick whom he claimed. in his face-saving, rather weasel-worded statement, to care for so much. Shame on WBC that it took a Spanish businessman to show them how it should be done,. Shame on WBC that he was the one who listened, when they did not.


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