Our momentous task of reviewing some 30 separate south-west London riverside hostelries is now under way – most of which are fortunately not yet under water …

The writer’s essential prolix style and declamatory nature will be eschewed and commentary will be restricted to a mere 250 words.   

We shall indulge finally, and inevitably. in a rating system

Here we go

This weekday evening we find ourselves in The Cat’s Back – probably the most hidden of our riverside gems. 

Tucked down at the bottom end of the surprisingly, but now most appropriately, named street in Putney/Wandsworth, Point Pleasant – it’s totally eclectic and it’s frankly adorable. 

Beers and ales courtesy of Harvey’s of Lewes, cuisine courtesy of Jan of Tooting, bar bonhomie courtesy of Peter of Rochdale, Fanny of France, Daniel of Nottingham, Caitlin of London,Hutch of Hull and Gavin of Dent.  

And, in these wintry days, a real coal-fire. 

Culture, cuisine, cinémathèque, camaraderie, clientèle, charme, chansons …. that’s why we’ll keep on coming here.’


It rates 9 out of 10. So it’s now up to the many others to emulate The Cat’s Back.  


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