Cruising down the river … or possibly up the river 

Either way – with or without the tide – this has led us to consider a departure from our sometimes polemical ‘commentaires’ on life in and around Wandsworth.  Perhaps now with more reference to the social life that we can follow around here.

So … we are introducing a new weekly review of the many hostelries – one by one – but not necessarily in strict geographical order –  that trade from Putney to Nine Elms – and exist within ‘a gnat’s crotchet’ (or actually a 4 minutes stroll) of our dear Flumen Tamesis.

An initial audit suggests that there are at least 26 of these – and there are probably more.  And this will certainly fill and fuel THE WANDSWORTH VOICE for the next 6 months.

We have a name for this new feature … It is to be called …. ‘Ales of the Riverbank’.

Tomorrow ŵe shall start with our ‘alma mater’ …. The Cat’s Back on Point Pleasant.



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