At Ease with their consciences?

Below is a note that was sent this very evening to all signatories of our previously mentioned ‘’ petition which fights against the closure of the well-loved Battersea Sports Centre.

17 Mar 2015 

Again, thanks very much to all who have signed this petition. It is indeed one of several electronic petitions that have been instigated. But ours has attracted attention both near and far. And already has been brought to the attention of Wandsworth Borough Council.  

This week we learn that the many disabled and elderly users have only just been advised of the imminent demise of their Battersea Sports Centre. For these already physically, socially and psychologically vulnerable individuals the ‘Terminators’ of Wandsworth Borough Council have now gone one step too far.

They must be brought to book.  

Indifferent to the past, uncaring about the present, eyeing only the future.

Are they at ease with themselves and their consciences?

They are certainly at ease with ‘E’s’ when it comes to Embassies, Formula E and Eviction.

Please encourage others to sign this petition so that Wandsworth Borough Council will become ‘Ex-Terminators’.

Thanks, again.

John Fowler


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