Doing the sums and Making the Cuts

Over 300,000 people live in Wandsworth Borough.

We have 3 MPs who represent us on a national level. (2 of whom also have government jobs, the other one being a senior opposition spokesman).

We have 60 councillors who represent us on a local level.

So …. do we really need 20 times as many councillors as we have MPs?  

Especially at these times of cost and budget cut-backs …

We allow our readers to draw their own conclusions.


One thought on “THE WANDSWORTH VOICE ”

  1. i love the wording, give you credit for it’s choice and i must agree. But who goes and who stays?
    We know the aanswer, but does the govenement? that is what the
    readers have to ask themselves in order to be happy and feel good of living in wandsworth. and only they can comment on it.


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