Let there be light …. or even more accurately  …. Let there be lights …

Continuing our rib-tickling ‘Brighter Borough’ theme …

Surely our ‘Brighter Borough’ should ensure that all our street and road lamps are working properly.

Prime example of this not being the case is the Wandsworth Roundabout end of Trinity Road as it goes under the railway bridge.

On each side of this dual carriageway there should be 4 working lamps.  Yellow or white. 

Essential for the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and road-users alike.

Guess what – illuminated most of them are not. 

If our local South West London readers come across further such instances then they can report them to the luminaries of Wandsworth Borough Council on …..

They’ll probably be advised that some of the lighting problems are the responsibility of that noble and august body … TfL.

So that’s alright then …


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