Earlier this week we started a petition against the closure of the Battersea Sports Centre on ‘’

It is indeed one of several petitions that have been created these last few days – both ‘on-line’ and ‘paper copy’ – and they all have one thing in common …. a formal declaration of protest against the possible closure of the well-loved and well-used Battersea Sports Centre. 

Standing in (the optimistically named) Hope Street this morning, talking to both users and residents, it became very clear that there is something very special about the Battersea Sports Centre. 

People aged from 7 to 70 are using it. And not just local people.  Individuals and families are coming from all over London to use its indoor and outdoor facilities. The fact that the mooted ‘replacements’ are neither appropriate nor fit-for-purpose nor likely to be ready within the next 5 years shows a dreadful disregard by Wandsworth Borough Council for the staff, users and supporters of the Centre.

We thank all the signatories to date for letting THEIR voices be heard.


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