The Cat’s Back back ….

After a few years in the doldrums The Cat’s back with a vengeance … having lost a couple of lives this rejuvenated Cat now means business…. and pleasure ….

Culture, cuisine, cinéma, camaraderie, clientèle, charme, chanson …. anyone might be forgiven for thinking that there is now a French connection …

One is minded to refer to this as the purrfect pub ….


Cheers ….


2 thoughts on “THE WANDSWORTH VOICE”

  1. do not understand if it is for real or if it something else that has gone wrong which you are trying to highlight but keep up the good work


    1. Arvids – my dear former colleague, Mike, expresses a very professional view
      about communications. He has high-lighted how difficult it is to promote a point of view. Just because a person feels that they have the moral high ground does not mean that everyone will by necessity agree with them.


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