What an interesting Wandsworth Borough Planning Committee meeting it promises to be on Tuesday evening, February 10th!

A deputation regarding the proposed closure of the Battersea Sports Centre will be heard. And what a good case they have – as we have already indicated on this site. Why shut down a well-used and valuable community facility and then not have its replacement ready for another 4 years?

The well-charted social cohesion benefits that this existing facility offers must not be ignored.

This really should be the kind of opportunity for opposition political parties to come together to force our local council into a U-turn.

We shall report on the meeting’s decisions and comments on Wednesday morning – both on this site and with follow-up communications in the local press.

Let us hope that for once the Voice of Wandsworth citizens will be both heard and acted upon. This will be a change for the better.

Written with feeling by Len James and John Fowler – caring and thoughtful people both.


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