Here are some heartfelt comments from a local Battersea resident, Jane Eades.

And they have been sent by her to the appropriate people in Wandsworth Town Hall. Who we trust will act very quickly to right these wrongs and restore a decent quality of life for their residents.

Here is what she writes …

The location for all her concerns centres around the footpath between Petergate and the Usk Road footpath under the railway bridge and leading to Nantes Close, SW11. Some photos are attached.

1. Rubbish

The piece of land between Nantes Close and the railway bridge is, and has been for months if not years, in a disgusting state (1st photo). I don’t know when it was last cleared. As you can see from the photos part is on the footpath and part is on the grass with a BCHT sign, although I don’t know who actually is responsible for the grass area. A couple of days ago there were 3 contractors standing around, one of whom had a leaf blower – do they not report or act on rubbish like this?

2. Footpath clearance

The leaf blower: do we really pay our council tax to have a man blow leaves onto the grass, only to have the wind blow them back as soon as he is gone? In other parts of the borough a machine which picks up the leaves is used. Is there any reason why the footpaths around Petergate Green cannot be swept with a machine?

3. Trees

I have repeatedly raised this. The trees from both Petergate Green and the railway line block the light from the street lights making the footpath very dark and, potentially, dangerous. Only a short while ago, residents had to intervene when a girl was beaten up by a group of youths on the footpath. We have had drug dealing by the railway arch and I found a knife hidden on the green. (The police are aware of all these incidents). Please can the trees either be cut hard back or removed. I like trees but also like the safety of my neighbours and myself. (I acknowledge that the buddleia in Tours Passage has been cut back)

4. Trees and some related issues

The cherry trees in front of Bridlington House, Petergate, were, at my request, cut back earlier this year. However, the amount they were cut back was minimal and the problem persists. As an aside, I feel sorry for the poor residents of the flats who must have to use electric lighting at all times of the day. Please can these trees be cut hard back and, possibly the residents of Bridlington be consulted about whether they want them to be removed.

In one response on trees, something was said about reducing the amount trees are cut back in order to reduce the risk of disease. To be honest, Petergate Green was planted with too many trees in the first place and at least one tree has had to be cut down because it was swamped by the other trees and was dying.

Network Rail. When I moved into my house the embankments were regularly maintained. Trees were cut back and litter was removed, probably once a year. Since privatisation is seems that this tradition is one of the services which no longer applies.

Birds One of the environmental effects of the overdosing of trees in the area is the reduction in the number of small birds. Part of the reason for this is that the larger trees both on the green and on the railway, has encouraged magpies, crows, etc and we have lost: house sparrows, many small warblers.





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